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 some random tarot told me that I had to pay the price for my playing of fire,
I thought I did not care,
till I remembered I could hurt people.

and I realised this is the only price, I can't afford.

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slowly, losing the pretence.
breaking that crust of rust,
and something's piercing the core.

Like a caramelised apple,
a protruding stick,
an intruder, an unwanted support.

those sweet nectar,
taste vile to me, like bile filling up

unwilling to release,
begging to release.

how could you possibly like me?

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How could you possibly like me?
If you played the field, and was mending a broken heart.

While you're fixating on a broken promise,
thinking about those forgotten lies.

How could you had possibly like me?

Because I can't

when I played the field and mending a broken heart,

fixating on a broken dream,
thinking of prosaic proses.

how could I possibly like me?


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I still love the hunt,
still love the mind thrills.

burn burn the hills,
run run the mill.
rum rum they fill.

I cannot be heeled,
but I can be killed.

I'm still the predator,
you're the prey

kill me,
and let me start anew.

I'm tired of chasing rabbits into holes,
confused between furry tails,
I can't differentiate,

if it's not you, they're all meat
I have no intention to kill.


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I got 99 problems but I'm gonna take a nap and ignore them all . jk. just want to sleep,