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still a romantic (but not in love)

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I'm not shy
let me tell
you how clear your eyes are,
cloudy pupils that resembles a lake,
when you stare
with that filtered thoughts of yours.

let me hold you
and whisper your name,
caressing my finger tips with your skin,
making you moan silent,
with my salient stare

you will think you are pleasing yourself,
when I'm doing it for me.
make me come again and again,
make me desire,
to tell
but I moan silent.

I satisfy myself,
with your needs,

you will wonder
with that clocked heart running,

well my pitless heart,
runs deep,
filling you with

remember the game,
and I will empty you again and again

I'm not gonna tell nobody

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love is an art

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Love is an art,

the partner must be beautiful,

at heart,
or on his skin,

each touch is a performance,
you do not call,
another person's name.

the thoughts are yours,
You can question,
but you may not get the truth.

There's warmth and attraction,
in every interaction,
but how much infatuation,
to make the perfect concoction. 

how to lose an pure/strong aquarius person

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ask them for their whereabouts
tell them what they do is wrong
nag at them
expect them to deal in the same pattern
judge other people
be lawful and orderly and have a dead pattern in thinking
be a coward
have no pride in yourself
be extremely positive/negative
follow only your emotions
follow only logic
be blindly traditional.
be very materialistic
do things for pride
pretend to be someone else poorly
think that you know them
seduce them with material, or any other things to make up your lack of personality
expect them to always be there for you
be unopened to new thoughts
be unwilling to learn
respond to things with no awe
respond to things with too much awe
have a lot of ego
be not spontaneous
be boring

you lost them.

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Everybody is a book to me,
ugly covers have less appeal,
but I might learn something out of it.

the intricate intricates.

I learn and apply.
I get enlighten and move on.

and that's the appeal of life.