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블락비(Block B) _ Very Good _ Official MV

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I am very very good ~~~~

why can't i be a guy

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I want to be a gay.

it's not like I'm not proud of being a female.

not like I do not feel like a female.

not like I am attracted to females.
actually I am, but... I will not DATE A FEMALE.
DAT LEVEL OF PMS will drive me nuts
one reason i dumped my bf is that he is unable to stand it when I ignore him for hours...
might as well as a girl who is insecure and stuff. girls are just beautiful creatures, not date-able nor love-able for me.
but well, never say never LOL

I found my soul mate in androgyny
but I got bored.
so what's next?

선미(Sunmi)_24시간이 모자라(24 hours)_M/V

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another of my obsession

reasons for not being a christian

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I full heartedly believe in god.
I have been of a faith of believing in god as soon as I remember breathing.

the reasons for not being a christian/
is the jesus concept.

I believe in God,
and I'm not sure if he is connected to jesus.
the god that I met.
I believe in christianity.
as to whether a man named Jesus exist.
Here is something offending. I might not care that much.
I believe in a good man once existing
a good man who expected nothing and inspired many.
he may be jesus.
he may be not.
Why condemned and dictate
something to be definite,
when love is indefinite.

I will never betray my god whom have protected me,
someone with a willing soul to be tainted,
to live a good and neutered life.

and i will not deny any existence,
even the evil
if they were all once pure
and helped me without any demands.