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my own ending

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you say

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I feel like justin timberlake,adam lambert, lana, matt bellamy are my soul creatures.
but I'm only most fan of ryutaro. though I don't listen to him anymore

(just) ride lana del rey

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what curiosity takes ; what curiosity gives

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I'm a virtual being.

intrigued by the deranged, the weird, the beautiful;
perhaps everyone are.

if the words spoke silent reflect who you are,
I feel like I speak so much words, that belong to the old, and the depressed.

I used to have a reason to blame, an excuse I could cuss cruelly upon others, because I had lived little.

but now, that I had empathise with more aspects,
I can't say, try harder, I can't say, "you don't know..."

because I know why they choose not to, why they never thought of it, why they can't. why they can, but what would really teach them? me speaking, or them trying.

I'm constantly taking breaths to speak,
they wait,
and I whisper"nothing"

"nothing" used to be, I knew little of human interactions, how much to share, how much to care.

and now
"nothing" is, what I know of more of human interactions, how much I know can be done, how much I know what the person means,
and "nothing" just seem to be all the words summarised in one.

the "light" i used to give, became careless wind, you may hear nothing, but I hope you feel my silent touch.

what curiosity takes, what curiosity gives.
I was wide eyed, and I tried what I wanted, and in the end,
I'm back to square,


you're mine

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I'm neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

dear god,
my dear dear god,
give me the reason,
to combust into flames,
I am gunpowder, dying under white water.