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voice what you want and you will get it

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I know how my brain works,
and I'm exploiting it to be happy.

and I am..
in other's eyes.
my lifestyle is wrong.

I don't care :)
they won't have the guts to enjoy what I do.

and I respect them for what they have.

once in awhile, I will still break down.
because I'm just manipulating myself like one big game.
but till then,
I won't bother,
I never believed and never will,
that I will ever break down thoroughly and suicide or die.

I'm too strong, and it's good.
I love me more than I hate me.
and even though god lets me explore more ( seem to let me do more wrong, and no longer punishes), than he ever did.
he is always with me.
in death,
we'll be.
in life, we'll be.
and in all my sins, I 'm  holy.
because in all my life, I have never wished wrong about others.
can you say that about yourself?