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brainwashing time

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people brainwash others for manipulation, to make things at ease,
instead of cheap tactics and degraded morals,
why don't you just brainwash yourself to believe you can achieve better?

I brainwash myself all the time, not to fake and lie to myself (though I do to achieve greater pain, am healthy and happy but past habits will stay awhile)
I brainwash to start at a clean slate,
do not judge an event or person from things done in past,
things are always in change,
and at the same time, today, yesterday and tomorrow,
will forever be a different time.

every second lost, is every second gained.

addicted to you- a vicii

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All the mistakes made,
all the scars burnt onto the heart,
and the fights that scathed the skin.

it had made me the person today,
and I cannot be happier about it,
Nobody saved me at my darkest times,
I saved myself.

nobody taught me how to give love,
I taught myself.

Nobody taught me how to be resilient,
I fell and got up again and again.

Sometimes I'm a bit egoistic,
I don't know why, I'm not even good enough,
and many things dwindle my sparks.

and many times I had lied to myself that I'm in love,
today, I found someone amazing to like.

and I don't really care how it ends or continues.

I made it this far,
if I fall,
I stand again,
my journey traveled,
is still further than yesterday.

My horizons are still broader than a second ago,
and I'm still changing and I still do wrong,
but for the better I'll grow, slowly but surely.

work hard, play hard david guetta

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sleep late, wake early

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let's just take the sleep we need,
and live every moment, eyes wide open

if we don't need sleep, if we remain sane, 24 hours a day, the revolution of creation!