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Plastic Tree - Sangatsu Itsuka 「3月5日」

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I'm like withered grass,
if by chance, you like me,
I will not be freed from sadness and pain.
I would feel grateful one moment, and pained by your existence later.

don't know, don't care, this state is beautiful

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even in destruction, make creations!

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Plastic Tree - 影絵【MUSIC VIDEO】

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i can't pinpoint what's so nice about this song,
you know what?
some people will say it's the tune, the voice,
what I really hear from this,
is a beautiful soul.

how I adore him.
like how I adore you.

even in retrograde, I want the best for you

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I'm a devil, or a demon, perhaps a mutation, an alien, a cosmic being, a superhero, a supervillian, or just a very confused being,
but I'm raised by god. my sins will be pure, my sins will be the growth of someone to do a deed.