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Sometimes i remember things,
And i ponder
We had nothing
And i go through my gallery
Oh we were good friends
Oh we shared memories
Oh i really liked them
Oh i was planning something sweet
Oh i got hurt
Oh it was disappointing

I realised that my heartaches and weird alternative misses
Is due to the fact that i gave a part of me away

See? How can i have trust issues
When i give so much of me?!
I'm merely willing to get hurt
I expect all to trust me
But deep down i don't trust much at all
I just like risks and gambles
I'm just strong enough to keep falling
And stand up again

Congratulations kaerah
You're breaking again
But its okay
It was your favourite past time

Your ass belongs to me now

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I'm psychic yet I'm still wrong.

 I have some closure that others do not.
a dose more confusion, a dose more of disgust, a chockfull of disappointments.

I pretend I don't know,
and that's what disorientate me,
but it's always better to be uninvolved,
in anything that does not concern who I love, my ideals and truth.

it's not disrespecting or dissing,
merely I respect your ways,
and that
I just don't need to be involved,
and I'm not interested in your way of life.

your glory may not be other's desires,
your success can be negligible,
if you live to be admired by all,
the only way to is to start a change,
or make one,
anything else,
is opinionated.
and you will never be happy,

people say is to be contented with what you have,
I say be happy with what you WANT and enjoy what you have,
"fuck society and fuck the norm"
is merely an angry expression of
"Live how you want it to be"