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I just want to be free, I just want to be free, I want to fly away, I want things that makes me free, things that expresses me, fly around, to help others, fly around to meet people,
fly up up and away, meet a cute penguin~~
high five a polar bear.
someone ( and maybe already did) may offer me material gifts,
a house,
or heck, even a ticket to somewhere far away,
but even as gift is not a gift,
I would be tied to the need to repay,
and never be free.

I want to be free...
I want to be free....
I want to fly away,
sail away,
drive away,
let me be free.

and for that, I need to be bonded to these threads of red money.
I need to get those mussels to pay a visit to the sharks.
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sorry if I'd let you down,
that you don't find pretty words here anymore