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need to be stronger, wiser, more mature, more patient, more kind, at heart.

nothing is resolved in the end,still breaking and there's no haven

Beautiful beings

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I cannot comprehend why you want to be better looking,
you are already so beautiful to me.
I cannot comprehend your insecurities,
you are already perfect to me.
I cannot comprehend your fears,
you already have me.

& I will fight all demons for you,


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once upon a time,
I did not know what lol was and left it as a comment to random blog because I'd seen it used.

that is truly ... lol.
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Heaving heavy hearted,
of breaths spiralling stars,

whisking dreams in our lungs,

to the knight of no return.

free spirit

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I don't belong anywhere, and that's why I'm free.
 I'm weak, that that's why I'm strong.