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crushing in hopes

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there's a certain wave that hits the grain,
that goes across our bones and touches our thoughts.
it is constant,
it is a change.
it's rhythm does not beat,
that goes across our nerves and touches our hearts,
hang a second,
fizzle the froth.
like a moth to a flame

wasted drag

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palpitate, compulsate,
those gangly fingers that hung like white sheets on wire,
barbed roses dorn on her neck,
leaves that left her close against wall,
the second hand that drips down trips,
and the twirls of pretty petticoats stops.
and those with sheets on wire,
dipping dampness down her damned spotted skin.


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she walks across the room,
leaving damp footsteps on the wooden floor,
her towel trails from her side of her shoulder down to her thighs,
her wet hair confuses you as they will dry,
textured and short, yet a few wild long strands that flows down her back and her belly, sticking and contouring her body.

you sit on the floor,
your legs bend forward together, and your back hurled to hug it.
your hair like hers, throughly watered,
water dripped down to your melanoid eyes,
your face tipped to face her,
you stare at her, you see her face clearly, yet you feel like you do not see her.
and as she walks nearer, her head does not tilt to see you.
she looks down ,
but you aren't sure if she's looking at you.
you feel blind,

as if you were blindfolded with a black towel.
you hear something whispers,
"break the bone"
and your head whirls,
and you feel her breath at your nape,
as if a predator had decided on your death.

bright lights,
and suddenly you see sharp,
you see white,
as you stand in the middle of the street, drenched to your toes,
"tap tap tap"
she walks towards you.

baby I'm fading, all i wanna do is drive home to you song

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