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My blog is a vomit of nonsense
It needs a purifying ritual

I wish there is a short cut whereby i can start working overseas now.
I don't love this land
Sg 50 I'm sorry
I'd never appreciated aunties and uncles making fun of me when i was younger
Dont appreciate the whistles
Don't appreciate their enforced kindness
That suffocated me

My most memorable romances are people from different lands
But yeah.. My bosses are singaporean
I do like them
Sg is fine.
At 21, i know other lands aren't a sparkle of novelty and crazy adventures.

Give it to me
I need new culture
And a liberal environment

It's sad to be in a place
Where i wake
And think
What did i do wrong again
What was disapproving to my parents
I don't know
And if they tell me
I dont care
I just want money and love
And if u don't love me enough
Which u better do
Then surrender the money
If you only want to hurt me


Jokes aside..
My heart is really c r a z y
Like please stop reminiscing the past
You don't want to do the same things
You don't want the same people involved
You want the past which i can no longer earn for u
So give up
I know you're the expert of movingon
But u keep throwing away the closure
To feel all these aches
And it's unproductive.

U make me hopeful as if i can earn what i want
When i no longer can
U dream too much and want the impossible
My dear heart

Ps.. I can't believe my mother is still complaining bout my girl when they're the ones that were bored and get her to bark. And when she's on calls. She hate her calling..
Poor thing

Instead of talking sense which breaks the alreadu mot really there bond
I used reverse psychology and give death threats to my girl lol poor thing times two
And it usually works
But meh I'm tired and old.

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even if nobody does
I'll continue to give endless love
I'll continue to give countless praises,
I'll offer my support
if i want to,
and even if nobody does,
even if I'll forever to be misunderstood,
even if I don't plan to have them in my life
I will.
for as long as I want to.
it;s my freewill,
to not be hurt,
even if they throw endless accusations,
even if they don't appreciate,
if I want to, I do,
if I don't I don't.
no explanations,
this is how I roll, always and for a long time.

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Come to me
Once more
Let me toss your careless hair
Rummage your velvet
In my lair

And cascade in your wavelength
Paint scarlet beneath
your torso
A long ruby necklace

Come to me
Once more
Throw wood
To my licking flames 🔥

I have my golden boy
You have your frozen dreams

Ignite distraught
Bury our duties
Make sins hault

The marble cake
Slice a piece
And slap it on scale

Pierce and feed
Our rising hunger
With poison lead

Play puppy yelps
I'll help

Your weaknesses

I want everything
To break the

Curiousity caught me

gay marriage USA

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I feel extremely happy about this milestone?!!
I always related to gays, and when people condemned gays,
I felt like they condemned me,
and had to censor what I say (though I'm straight? LOL)

follow tons of gays, transexuals, and their transition, and even considered transition once,
but I was never active in LGBT community, because I don't feel like part of them either, like meh, I won't go fighting to make LGBT normal, by classifying it. lol. I will just live as me.
but it's still positive goodness.
I feel like hell yeah it's finally normal,
we don't have to disclaim blah, we're pansexual, bisexual, gay,
it's just perfectly normal.

I feel gay because half my life I'm either asexual or feeling like a guy falling in love with guys, and having feminine tendancies
which is very gay.

both of which is weird.

I happily stuck with bigender for a year, literally meeting people and telling them I'm bigender when they somehow doubt my sexuality. lol (I first, go by, "Idk, I'd yet to explore" to bisexual, to bi-curious then stayed with bigender and now I consider myself straight, because I am physically female, physically attracted to males.)

even more so as my own breed,
outside I'm a female, and hell yea,
I like it.I don't need the world to know, I love myself, but relate myself to a guy more kind of nonsense.

congratulations world.
the age of aquarius is amazing, just upset I'm not contributing to the worldly change.

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I want  more than you.

You and I danced in the lights,
you'd experienced the high,
of everyone staring,
the one I used to enjoy.

But I know more high, that you don't.
my world , is still mine,
when you're gone, I will play play play,
with fire.

a burnt kid loves the fire,
you can never heal me.
my blood had scattered infinite.

but I have enough morals to stay true while you are here.